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St. Paul to host San Marcos Baptist Academy

Thursday, November 9, 2017
by Mark Lube, Sports Editor

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Shiner St. Paul Cardinal Football Regular-season finales are on this agenda this week in local football. The Shiner St. Paul Cardinals will host San Marcos Baptist Academy while the Shiner Comanches will play at No. 6 Refugio.

San Marcos Baptist Academy Bears at St. Paul Cardinals

The Cardinals host San Marcos Baptist Academy at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow ( Friday, November 10, 2017 ) at Comanche Stadium after having an open date last week.

For St. Paul, it has been an ongoing quest to reduce excessive penalties and turnovers that have been a thorn in the side for most of the season. Head coach Jake Wachsmuth reported that St. Paul has been getting better and better at cleaning things up.

“We cut down on the pre-snap penalties against Sacred Heart and have been keeping turnovers low,” he said.

The Bears are a shotgun spread team and like to come out in unbalanced formations or overload one side. They have used Ethan Schlitter (39-of-110, 518 yards, two touchdowns, 11 interceptions), Joshua Burrich and Anant Singh to throw passes. Burrich is the leading rusher with 631 yards and five touchdowns while Schlittler had 401 yards and five touchdowns.

Top receivers are Burrich (138 yards, touchdown), David Humphrey (124 yards, touchdown) and Brendan Lloyd (144 yards). Wachsmuth said Schlittler and Burrich will alternate between running back and quarterback with both in the backfield at the same time.

“Our defense will have to make adjustments to contend with them overloading one side or being unbalanced but cannot be distracted from keeping an eye on Schlittler and Burrich,” he said.

The Bears defense will go in a traditional split with an eight-man front and will run a Cover 3 in their defensive secondary.

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