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St. Paul has St. Gerard coming to visit

Thursday, October 19, 2017
by Mark Lube, Sports Editor

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Shiner St. Paul Cardinal Football This week, the Shiner Comanches visits Weimar for a district game, while the Shiner St. Paul Cardinals will host the St. Gerard Royals at home.

St. Gerard Royals at St. Paul Cardinals

Although some of the past games between St. Paul and St. Gerard have been lopsided in favor of the Cardinals, that may not be the case this year.

“St. Gerard is a much improved team,” Cardinals head coach Jake Wachsmuth said. “They have now had the same coach for three years, bringing stability and continuity to the program. They have won some games but have struggled in their district campaign.“

The Royals’ offense is similar to St. Paul, with lots of running out of three-back formations.

“They will look to control the ball and have some good running backs that are fast,” Wachsmuth said. “Our defense cannot let those backs get free because they are fast.”

St. Gerard goes with either a 4-3 or odd front on defense, depending on the opponent.

The Cardinals continue to work on eliminating penalties and turnovers.

Wachmsuth said without some of the penalties against John Paul II, more points would have been scored by St. Paul’s offense.

Mark Lube Mark Lube is the sports editor for the Shiner Gazette. Contact him at 361-594-3346 or

St. Paul Cardinal Football   |   St. Paul Cardinal Sports


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