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St. Paul on the road at San Antonio St. Gerard

Thursday, October 13, 2016
by Mark Lube, Gazette Sports Editor

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Shiner St. Paul Cardinal Football
Game Preview: Shiner St. Paul Cardinals at San Antonio St. Gerard Royals

St. Paul travels to the Alamo City to face St. Gerard at 7:30 p.m. Friday ( October 14, 2016 ).

"They are a better team than what they have been in the past. They have had the same system and coach in place for a couple of years," Cardinals head coach Jake Wachsmuth said.

On offense, St. Gerard runs an I-Formation offense similar to what the Cardinals run.

"Our defense gets a good look in practice as our offense runs the same thing," he said.

The Royals' offensive production will come from backs Roderick Walker and Jonathan Garcia.

On defense, St. Gerard lines up in the split with an eight-man front.

Wachsmuth said the main key for the St. Paul offensive is better execution and more work on ball security.

Mark Lube Mark Lube is the sports editor for the Shiner Gazette. Contact him at 361-594-3346 or

St. Paul Cardinal Football   |   St. Paul Cardinal Sports


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